Olivares de Jaén Green

"SUCCESS means achieving what you want"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

GREEN is our spoilt child, our passion and our pride. From its birth in Sierra de Jaén, up until being savoured by the consumer, it is given special care.

Harmonious and balanced in all aspects. Fresh and spontaneous, reminiscent of freshly cut grass and tranquillity.

The prestigious awards it has won speak for and ensure its quality.


Olivares de Jaén Green II

"HAPPINESS, means enjoying what you achieve" Ralph Waldo Emerson

Following in the footsteps of GREEN, GREEN II was launched with a very special limited production.

Here, one can see the evolution of the oil harvested in November when the cold begins to be felt in the Highlands of Sierra of Jaén.


Olivares de Jaén Summum

"QUALITY is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort"
John Ruskin

SUMMUM is how it feels when you experience this sensory delight. An intense stable flavour with a variety of tones that surprises all types of consumers.

It also holds several awards and is a delight for the senses.


Olivares de Jaén Aurum

"We are what we repeatedly do. EXCELLENCE, then, is not an act, but a habit"

With a natural flavour, we present AURUM, a high-quality product reminiscent of those lifelong oils used in Andalusian kitchens. It is prized by chefs and is increasingly present in homes around the world.


Olivares de Jaén Case

A high-end collection of oils has been produced to be savoured and enjoyed by consumers;
they are innovative and original, and at the forefront of the industry, always meeting the highest quality standards.