At Olivares de Jaén, we focus on the range of PICUAL single-variety olive oils, given their great personality, sensory nuances and unique properties:

From a physical and chemical point of view, the oil obtained is excellent in terms of its fatty acid composition and quantity of natural antioxidants.

Its high content of polyphenols makes it the most stable oil that exists, resulting in a longer period of use, and an excellent resistance to thermal use in the kitchen..

High in oleic acid (almost 10% higher than other oils); its high nutritional value reduces the risk of heart and liver diseases.

High in tocopherols (Vitamin E) that help fight cholesterol and triglycerides.

Extremely high resistance to oxidation and, in turn, to rancidity, being able to last more than two years under the appropriate conditions.

Other properties
Mono/polyunsaturated ratio 14,96
Total polyphenols, such as caffeic acid 496
Total tocophenols, such as alpha-tocopherol 284
Stability, at 98.8°C 133