In our path of continuous improvement, we work to create and innovate, introducing culture and trend-setting olive oils

Olivares de Jaén is leading the new generation of oils obtained through the latest technology, yet without neglecting the tradition deeply rooted in this delight for the senses.

To achieve the best results, you must start with good raw materials and identify the optimal time to harvest, which will vary depending on the different kinds of oil you want to obtain

The selection of fruit and its fast processing is our own form of working, developed by expert hands that are able to get the best features from an excellent raw material. The “Maestro de Almazara” (Oil Press Master) plays an important role here, a key figure without which it would be impossible to reach these levels of quality.
Our olives are grown with respect for the environment, minimising the use of chemicals.

A team of professionals use raw materials of the highest quality and make every effort to achieve the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our olives have the scent of Sierra de Jaén, aromas and flavours that remain in the oils they produce. They provide unique tones and characteristics that make them stand out from the rest. Their reminiscences of vegetables, their gradual bitter and spicy tones, give our products a balance and harmony in their trend-setting smell and taste.