An elegant case with the four types of oils sold by OLIVARES DE JAÉN and a glass to taste them professionally. Different Picual oils can be enjoyed from olives harvested and processed using the same method but at different times of the year: the first day of harvest in early November (Green), mid to late November (Green II), December (Summum) and January (Aurum).

This presentation aims to enable consumers to enjoy a product that shows the evolution of the olives, from the more intense green and fruity flavour, to the sweeter ones, moving through the various periods of maturation with different colours, aromas and tastes.

In this tasting collection, you can experience an intense green colour and aroma of fresh grass with notes of almond oils from the harvest in November, through to oils with a greenish yellow colour, a fruity aroma, and slightly spicy and bitter taste with hints of nuts and bananas, from the harvest in December. In turn, the oil of January is golden in colour reflecting its maturity, with a sweet nutty aroma and a taste of ripe fruit and almonds.

A high-end collection of oils has been produced to be savoured and enjoyed by consumers; they are innovative and original, and at the forefront of the industry, always meeting the highest quality standards.

Ideal as a gift, it may be customised for your company or according to your wishes. For this purpose, we have a highly qualified team of people to make special packaging, with elegant boxes displaying a specific logo, name or message.