Description: Superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained directly from olives and by mechanical means only.

Origin: Sierra Sur de Jaén (Spain)

Height: Over 1,000 masl

Olive variety: 100% Picual

Production Process: Early harvesting in November, with the selection of the best fruit. The time from harvesting to grinding and processing is minimised in order to obtain the highest quality product. During the grinding process, overheating is avoided to minimise the release of volatile elements, thereby maintaining the oil’s beneficial health properties (antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins liposolubles, etc.)

Acidity: 0.1

Size: 500 ml.


Appearance: Clean, bright green colour

Scent: This is a well-balanced, fruity olive oil with notes of herbs and overtones of green olives, artichoke and tomato. It is gentle on the palate, slightly bitter with a gradual peppery finish. Beautifully harmonious in both its aroma and taste.
Suggestions Ideal for dressing tomato salads, gazpacho, cooking red meats, basmati and wholegrain rice dishes and risottos. We highly recommend trying this oil on toasted bread accompanied by citrus fruits.