Description: Olive oil obtained directly from olives and by mechanical means only.

Origin: Sierra de Jaén (Spain)

Height: Over 1,000 masl

Olive variety: 100% Picual

Production Process: Harvested in January when the olives are ripest.The result is an exquisite olive oil, which is smoother and with a less burning or bitter taste.Before processing begins, we select the fruits with the required quality standards. Once the olives reach the grinding, blending and extraction process, we only use mechanical methods with absolutely no solvents or similar procedures.The olive oil recalls the traditional and know-how of a slow pace of life, far removed from the stresses of day-to-day life.

Acidity: 0.19

Size: 750ml. y 500ml.


Appearance: Intense golden colour

Scent: A scent reminiscent of the ripe olives and lifelong olive oils used in the kitchens of Andalusia. Highly prized by chefs and increasingly present in homes around the world.

Suggestions: Recommended for sautéing, braising, confit, marinating, roasting and frying