Our history in the world of olive oil dates back several centuries, when the ancestors of the Extremera - Aceituno family cultivated olive trees in Sierras de Jaén, most of them in the Southern Highlands of the province. This olive tradition has a clear upward trend and saw a turning point in 2011 when the company Olivares de Jaén was established.

This is when Agronomist Leticia Led joined the family; together with Pedro Extremera they decided to strive for quality in order to achieve a premium-quality product that surpasses expectations. That is why, since the company Olivares de Jaén was founded in 2011, it did not start directly marketing its products until 2014, following a direction that constantly seeks to offer natural products obtained directly from olives and by mechanical means only, ensuring results of the highest quality.

Olivares de Jaén is a family-run business made up of a highly-qualified team, who through their research and creativity, have been improving the production process step by step, while constantly maintaining the utmost respect for the environment.

It is ultimately a a return to tradition and a reunion with our roots, I think that we all have stored in our memories that image of a sunrise accompanied by toasted country bread with olive oil. This is something that cannot be lost and we must go further, it is something we must export to the rest of the world.